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4'' Mesh Trellis Netting Plant Support Elastic

4'' Mesh Trellis Netting Plant Support Elastic

SKU: 4000134479509

Last net you will need to buy. Made with latex and carbon fiber. They are very durable, yet still soft enough to move with plant rather than cutting into plants.
Ease of use: No more cutting netting and zip ties, ruining your favorite trimming scissors. With the Grower Scrog Net you can easily attach to tent poles with our hooks and easily remove and slide on poles as needed.
Try our Patent Pending stretchable Scrog net for grow tents.
New! Now with metal hooks.. so stretch away , no more plastic hooks to break!


4x4 = 24/24in /2x2ft /60x60cm

5x5 = 32/32in / 2.6x2.6ft / 80x80cm

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